Power Machines completed the first stage of R&D on the development of elements of the gas turbine ignition system GTE-170

As part of the project to develop the production of high-power gas turbines, Power Machines completed the first stage of R&D on the development of elements of the GTE-170 gas turbine ignition system.

In cooperation with the leading domestic Ufa R&D enterprise "Molniya" designed and manufactured prototypes of the spark plug, ignition unit and wire. According to the requirements of the technical specification, the assigned resource of the ignition unit was 100 thousand hours, wires and candles-35 thousand hours.

For testing of prototypes, Power Machines is currently working on the manufacture of elements of the burner device and the preparation of the combustion chamber stand at the К&M association CBTI named after I.I. Polzunov. The tests are scheduled for the second quarter of 2020.

For reference:

Power Machines started developing a domestic line of power gas turbines of two standard sizes - GTE-65 and GTE-170 - in 2018. Since then, a design bureau has been created, design documentation has been developed, and design work is underway. The first GTE-170 turbine went into production, the audit of GTE-65, which had previously been manufactured, but its tests were not completed, was completed. The production of GTE-65 and GTE-170 gas turbines is deployed at LMZ. This is complementary to the technological operations that are historically performed by the plant. The production is re-equiped for debottlenecking. To test the full-sized units of the combustion chambers of power GTUs at full-scale parameters, the plant has its own experimental research base.

The R&D plan is being implemented with the participation of the country's leading research enterprises. Retrofitting of production is underway, active work with suppliers is ongoing. In 2019 Power Machines won the competition of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia to subsidize R&D for this project.